My Twi’lek takes shape!

This has been something I have wanted to do for so long but I was always weary about wearing the lekku – there was always that voice in the back of my head telling me that I couldn’t and shouldn’t do it – but I took a huge leap and ordered some latex lekku from the amazing blast.fx on etsy (if you’re looking for lekku seriously check them out!)

So I drew up some designs while I waited for my lekku to arrive. This after all isn’t based on a character – it’s my own design!

I like that this whole costume can be added to and developed over time! It’ll be constantly changing, new clothes, new props…its so exciting!

So I’m going relatively simple with the design – a sleeveless jacket, leggings with detailing and a vest top with detailing. As I have tattoos on my arms I’m opting for an arm wrap that will reduce the awkwardness of trying to cover up tattoos with make up!

It wasn’t long before my lekku arrived and of course I had to give them a try on! First time wearing them it felt tight on my head – like a pressure all around my head – I am sure it is something you get used to – it was just something I wasn’t expecting.

I got myself some make up – went for water activated for now I have the mehron and moon creations in teal – they are very similar and both will be used to add a bit of dimension! Then its just playing around with eyeshadows for the rest of the detail!

I was really happy with the first attempt – there are some tweaks I will do in the future – tidy it up a bit – but for the first attempt at doing anything like this I was happy with how it went!

I have made a headband as you can see – it’ll do for now but I am not happy with it, it could be a lot neater stitching wise and I am thinking off adding something to it to make it more interesting, I am thinking of adding some goggles…

I have got my footwear sorted – just some chunky chelsea boots – comfortable and they will look pretty close to in universe footwear. I have also started 3D printing my blaster and other props.

This one will be a work in progress for a while, but its going to be wearable while I add props etc.

I will update some more soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

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