About Helen

I’m Helen! I started making cosplays in 2020. I am a huge geek and very proud of that fact!! I may have a small obsession with Star Wars!!

I am a personal trainer and set up my own business Fletcher Fitness Ltd back in 2018. I absolutely love my job and love empowering people through lifting and body positivity! I also compete in strongwoman competitions so when I am not working in the gym I am usually found training in one! Strongwoman has given me the confidence to be myself and therefore gave me the confidence to start my cosplay journey!

I have an ever growing collection of tattoos and piercings and I love listening to rock and metal music! I have also recently started playing bass guitar. I dabble in a bit of art and painting whenever I’m not making things for my costume or lifting awkward heavy things!!

Strength is a big aspect of my life, physical and mental strength. Things I work on every day through building my own and others. I am a big believer in body positivity – it doesn’t matter how big or small we are – if we want to lift weights or cosplay or whatever we want that’s fine! Our size does not equal our worth!

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