Completed Costumes

Well here we have my completed costumes!

These are all the costumes I have completed and ones that I will take out and about at conventions etc!

Star Wars Resistance Pilot (Briefing Room)

Name: Nerth (Welsh for strength)

Here we have my first ever costume!

Made from scratch I started with no sewing ability at all!! It took around 2 years to complete and was a huge learning curve but it really solidified my love of cosplay and I will be upgrading it to a full cockpit ready resistance pilot this year!

My resistance pilot is cleared with the Rebel Legion!

Twi’lek Original Character

Name: Alema Distombe (Twi’lek for Protector and Strong)

A Jedi in hiding after order 66 – she is trying to make her way in the galaxy and fight against the empire!

Absolutely love this character and she will be constantly evolving over time! Lekku were made by blast.fx on Etsy